UPS – Small


A UPS keeps your handsets working in the event of a power outage.



The APC BX700U-AZ Back-UPS 700VA (with Australian sockets) protects up to 3 network devices against power surges, dips, and outages. It’s battery will power your handsets, modem, router, and PoE switch, so you can keep taking calls for a time.

How long will the UPS power my phones?

This UPS is recommended only for small offices, only where short battery time is needed, or to only power PoE switches at the network edge. The amount of time the battery backup works depends on your specific configuration.

Runtime examples

  • Small office
    • 8 port PoE switch (15W) + modem/router/wifi (20W) + 4 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 67 W = 35 minutes runtime
  • Small network edge
    • 8 port PoE switch (15W) + 4 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 47 W = 50 minutes runtime
  • Medium office
    • 24 port PoE switch (30W) + modem/router/wifi (20W) + 12 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 146 W = 13 minutes runtime
  • Medium network edge
    • 24 port PoE switch (30W) + 12 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 126 W = 16 minutes runtime





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