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A UPS keeps your handsets working in the event of a power outage.



The APC BX1400U-AZ Back-UPS 1400VA (with Australian sockets) protects up to 6 network devices against power surges, dips, and outages. It’s battery will power your handsets, modem, router, and PoE switch, so you can keep taking calls for a time.

How long will the UPS power my phones?

This UPS is recommended for small and medium-sized offices, and gives extra runtime when deployed at the edge of the network. The amount of time the battery backup works depends on your specific configuration.

Runtime examples

  • Small office
    • 8 port PoE switch (15W) + modem/router/wifi (20W) + 4 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 67 W = 115 minutes runtime
  • Small office network edge
    • 8 port PoE switch (15W) + 4 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 47 W = 150 minutes runtime (estimate)
  • Medium office
    • 24 port PoE switch (30W) + modem/router/wifi (20W) + 12 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 146 W = 45 minutes runtime
  • Medium office network edge
    • 24 port PoE switch (30W) + 12 handsets (8W each)
    • Total 126 W = 53 minutes runtime




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